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What costs are expected after the purchase of real estate owners?


- Annual municipal property taxes (IUC)

- Utilities: water charges, gas, electricity , internet, landline phone

- Condominium payments ( maintenance of the property owned in sharing with other tenants)

- Insurance of property


What is the law in Italy for being subject to Capital Gains?


Real property gains tax levy in Italy  is 20% on gains from the disposal of the property sold within 5 years of purchase.

Can foreigners buy property in Italy?

We are often asked whether non Italian resident can buy property here in Italy.

Foreigners can buy in Italy both residential and commercial real estate property in accordance  to reciprocity condition (condizione di reciprocità), i.e. if Italian citizens can buy in their country of origin, the citizens of this country can buy property in Italy. This condition is also found in intergovernmental agreements between countries on mutual protection of investments . You can look whether your country is a condition of reciprocity on the following link

What is the process of buying property in Italy ?


Purchase should be divided into  the following steps:

- Proposta d'acquisto – Purchase proposal  with paying of confirmaton deposit (5-10% of the agreed sale price )  which confirming the seriousness of proposal.

- Contratto preliminare - preliminary contract of sale with a down payment of the price (20-30 % of the agreed price )

- Rogito - the final contract of sale at the notary with the payment of balance price.

What documents are required to purchase a property in Italy?


Needs a passport, marriage certificate or marriage contract , which shows how is managing the  economic relations between the spouses, and the Italian tax code (codice fiscale), which can be requested or the Italian consulate in the country from which you came , or at the local tax authorities  (we provide you all the assistance nedded).

If you need when buying a property in Italy to open an account in an Italian bank ?


The first two payments ( security deposit and down payment of the price ) on the signing of the contract can be paid from your foreign account . Payment upon signing the final contract should occur or before signing the contract , or simultaneously with the signing of the contract. Payment in advance is not safe for the buyer. Payment simultaneously with registration of the transaction can be carried out only with the help of the Italian bank checks , it is desirable that they were guaranteed by the bank , to the name of seller , irrevocable , they are called in Italian “assegni circolari”.

If payment of the price you can  do all the same without opening an account in an Italian bank , for example by placing money in a deposit account of a notary , in the future to pay for current utility bills and taxes for your  real estate it would be better to have an account in an Italian bank . Therefore, to all our clients buying property here , we recommend to open a account in an Italian bank.

What type of property in Italy?


In Italy, the real estate is sold in full ownership (Freehold). In case of purchase of apartments in an apartment building, apartment has a  full ownership and area of ​​land on which the building built,  the bearing walls of the building , stairs and landings , roof , etc. are jointly owned by all the residents in the proportionate share , (Share of Freehold) the cost of maintaining these areas are paid jointly , more than 4 occupants formed condominium (legal entity) and more than 10 apartments have a duty of hiring a special administrator

What related payments when buying real estate?


- Purchase taxes ( VAT when buying a new home 4 %, 10% or 22 % of the purchase price , and buying the property from the secondary market you pay a stamp duty , which is or 2 or 9 % of the cadastral value )* - payable when you sign the final contract

- The cost of the services of public notary ,

- The cost of a real estate agency services,

- The cost of an interpreter to be present at the final notary act , if the buyer does not know the Italian language , and the notary does not know the language spoken by the buyer . 

Does the purchase of real estate by foreigners helps to obtain a residence permit in Italy?


Availability of real estate in Italy is not a basis for obtaining a residence permit in Italy. But when requesting a residence permit in Italy on different kind of base (work or residence in the case of " selected residence " ) presence in the real estate property is an advantage. In the presence of the real estate here feeding on a tourist visa , instead of hotel reservation , you will make the final copy of the notarial deed of sale . Our agency cooperates with lawyers specializing in such matters. We will give you all the details on request.

What is a Energy Certificate?


In all advertisements for the sale and lease of real estate you will see the following entries " index of energy consumption in kilowatts 1 sq.m. per year "and" class energy saving . " It is preparing by the expert after studying the state of the property (the presence of heaters , the technical conditions of the building , the windows , the presence of thermal bridges that increase heat loss) . These data will help you quickly understand how much is spent on heating the property . Energy efficiency class ranges from A ( highest) to G ( lowest) , the higher the class , the better insulated the building and the less energy spent on heating. This certificate  is required for the transaction as a purchase or rental. Its validity in the constancy of performance of 10 years from date of issuance.

What documents should the Seller provide during the sale of property in Italy?


- Certified copy of the Title Deed;

- If after the date of the deed there were made changes to the property you should provide Municipal Authorizations (building permit);

- Copy of the Certificate of Habitability (Certificato di Agibilità)

- Original of the declarations of conformity of the electrical, plumbing

 and gas or communicate the non-compliance of the plants with the current legislation;

- Copy of condo rules;

- The cadastral floor plan;

- Energy Certification.

What is the advantage of signing an “exclusive” listing with Best Como Immobiliare?


The owner has the following  advantages to sell through the “exclusive” listing:

-       the owner get more exposure of his property through the different marketing channels of Agency

-       this property has major priority for the Agency;

-       the owner receive the report of the inquiries and  visits.

If one does sign an exclusive agreement, what is the length of the contract?


It might be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.  

What type of advertising does Best Como Immobiliare do?


Lake Como real estate market  is attracting many foreign investors searching through the web, so we invest a lot in the visibility of our website

Our web site has about 3,500 visitors each month with about 25 000 views. Our visitors are from all over the world (USA, Russia, England, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and many others countries).

For each property for sale, we are developing suitable advertising campaigns including international, national and local advertising. ((Online Newsletter Campaign, Social Marketing Tool, AD campaign, featured listing)

Does Best Como Immobiliare have a “storefront” for people to walk in, and if so, what percentage of sales are “walk-ins”?


Office of Best Como Immobiliare  is located close to the 5 star Grand Hotel Tremezzo walking from Villa Carlotta along the lakeside,  in the most popular and attractiv place on lake Como, so in front of our “storefront” people often stop, take our brochures, stop by or call us later. The largest percentage of return of “storefront” is during the tourist season. But if we estimate a percentage, it will be 20% of the transactions, as still the largest number of clients come to us through advertising on the web.

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